Aug 18, 2011

title shmitle


christina applegate's hair during her guest judging on SYTYCD (seriously love it so much)


mary murphy's weird, long cleavage from same episode...ooooh, gross.  

May 9, 2011

maui in pictures...

today (the wind and rain) had me thinking of better times...









the end

May 7, 2011

to the moon and back

I wish I could deliver something sweet for Mothers Day to all of the amazing women that I know.  

But that would be  a lot.  

I am blessed to know so so many!

"Few of us will reach our potential without the nurturing of both the mother who bore us and the mothers who bear us."-Sheri L. Dew

I am honored to be privy to the influence of great females!

Mostly, I feel such gratitude for those close to me whose hands have shaped me into who I need to be for all the roles womanhood entails. 

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Apr 29, 2011

And she wore an Alexander McQueen dress...

I had no idea I would be so into the Royal Wedding.  Up until today I have paid little attention to all the hype.  But once it was on this morning I couldn't stop watching.  Guess it makes sense, I am sort of in the wedding business.

I've felt a little bit giddy and day dreamy through it all.  Perhaps reminiscent of where we come from and forthtelling of where we end up.  I thought a lot about Elder Uchtdorf's talk Your Happily Ever After.  Fitting.  

Also fitting for a Royal Wedding?  Our Easter bonnets and bowties:

This Royal Wedding Brunch would have been so fun!!!

Apr 1, 2011

Saint Peter Port is a real place and I want to go there...

I'm in a reading phase.  Yes, reading on a regular basis comes and goes for me.  This latest juncture has included the following, in no particular order...

This one was cute and sweet.  A light, fun read...

This book was unexpectedly compelling.  A great story. A little bit of history. Can't wait for the movie...

This book is my new favorite.  I loved it!!!
I was completely enthralled with the inspiring and unique characters and I laughed out loud numerous times at the hysterical  and clever back and forth correspondence.  Perhaps a tiny bit predictable, some disturbing historical info but a novel I will cherish for sure... 

I am definitely not a critic of literature.  I just like a good story.

We're going to Hawaii in a week and I'm hoping to get through a couple more while relaxing at the pool.  I need some suggestions...

Two that I've been wanting to read:
{recently re-made as a movie}

Any good reccomendations, please share!